Nail Tips

Are sets reusable?

Yes! With proper care and storage of the nail sets you can continually reuse each set. If using nail glue, sets can be reused after careful filing off glue.

How do I apply the nails?

First Push Back cuticles using cuticle pusher (included in kit)

File surface of nail bed (included in kit)

Use alcohol to clean the nail surface

Nail dehydrator can be applied (optional) 

Apply either nail glue or nail tabs to nail (included in kit)

Attach press on nail, hold for a 30-60 seconds

Enjoy a quick and easy fashionable day!

Will my nails pop off?

No, with proper application your nails will be able to withstand daily tasks and depending on your method (glue or tabs) can be worn anywhere from hours to a  week!

What is included with each set?

You will receive your chosen custom nail set, and Introduction kit which includes Nail buffer, Nail glue, Instruction card and cuticle pusher. 

Can I request a custom design?

We are not accepting custom requests, at this time.

What is my Nail size?

You have two options for finding the correct nail size, you may measure your nail beds using measuring tape. It is highly recommended that you use the millimeter side of the measuring tape for accurate measurements. Please do not use a ruler. To measure, center the measuring tape in the middle of your nail bed, width wise, and measure from sidewall to sidewall. For additonal assistance, please refer to our "Nail size chart" section on our site. If measuring tape is not available, we offer a nail size kit, in multiple shapes and lengths. 

 Can I be refunded?

Yes, if order is cancelled within 24 hours from time of purchase. Refunds will not be given for client selecting wrong size, or issues with USPS. It is the client's responsibility to order correct size, D’Hype is not responsible for selection chosen.

Can I exchange my set for a different one?

Due to the fact that all D'Hype sets are made to order, all sales will be made final. If item is damaged when received please contact us via email ( and include photo of damaged product. 

 Custom Jewelry

We have listed some helpful tips to help preserve the life of your jewelry.

Maintenance and Protection of Jewelry:

-Avoid harsh chemicals on Jewelry

-Frequently clean to remove any stain or sweat using soft cloth

-Store product in jewelry box or container

-Avoid direct contact with liquid/sweat. Moisture on skin may cause gold plating to oxidize. Which can lead to discoloration